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Multiple Views for
Different Timeframes
WeekCal Works With
All Your Calendars
Access Sports Events,
Holidays & More
Dark Mode
Fully Customizable
Calendar Settings
Reminders Integrate
Into Your Schedule
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Premium Features

Multiple Calendar Views

Switch to any date in all views: list, day agenda, week, mini month, month, or year.

Integrated Reminders

Sync & manage all your reminders on a dedicated calendar view.

Join Meeting Button

Quickly find meeting links & join audio/video calls directly from WeekCal.

Popular Calendars

Add smart calendars: sports teams, zodiac signs, and famous birthdays.

Templates & Automation

Automate your schedule based on your location, meeting notes, and level of importance.

Home Screen Widgets

View your day at a glance and organize your schedule from your Home Screen.


“I link it to my google calendars so all changes made on the phone show up on any other device I sign into google on and vice versa. Two of my favorite features are rolling events and agenda view. Rolling events eliminate the need for a separate "to do" app with the added bonus that your "to dos" show up on the calendar (hint: make them all day events and they will be on top of the day) and keep showing up until you mark them as completed.”
- China>Rider

“I have been using Week Calendar for years and love it. It’s month view is unique and essential for how I organize my time. I love the many customizable colors and viewing options. I have used its many many special features to the max to create color coded calendars for my work team. I can invite others to events or take screen shots and send them out and everyone is on board in visually sensible layout. The makers are always improving it and clearly care about the usability of their product.”
- fanofcolor

“I use week view mostly and it is clear and easily navigated. Inputting new events is fast, copy and paste an old event even faster. Tap and drag to change a time or day. The new mini month view is amazing in the amount of information packed into it. The late lamented month view was such a sweet tweak of ical it is a shame apple couldn't take being shone up.”
- moderately

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