Hi-Def Radar

View real-time weather near you, even see future forecasts with advanced weather radars & animated map layers.

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Global & Local
Hi-Def Radar
Interactive Map
5-Day Daily &
Hourly Forecasts
Severe Weather
Weather Layers
Track Active
Home Screen
Premium Features

Future Forecast Radar

See weather patterns for the next few hours: clouds, temperature & wind speed.

Fire Overlays

Stay informed about active fires on the map with the Fire overlay.

Home Screen Widgets

View current temps, humidity, wind speed, sunrise & sunset times.

Air Quality Index

Monitor air pollution data by toggling the Air Quality layer on the map.


“Easy to use, great graphics with time line forecast and past conditions. Always accurate and predictable timing. We rely upon for our Agricultural interests and protection of our herds. Good information for flight radar as well.”
- y.l.waldeaux

“I drive and camp a lot, and I often want weather info for my *exact* location *right now.* This app lets me know when rain will begin and end. Seeing storms approach on radar lets me know when to get off the road and take shelter. Always helpful, sometimes a valuable warning system.”
- BoomerLead

“I check out the rain and clouds in my area, especially on wet days, to determine the best times to walk my dog so I don't get caught up in the rain. I use it every day along side the weather underground app and it's always point on. Highly recommend it.”
- mjbuzzy

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