The Classic Brain Puzzle

Sudoku :)

Train your brain on the go with thousands of puzzles, helpful hints & gameplay stats.

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Play the original
number puzzle game
Relaxing, fun and
easy to play
Customize your game
with fun colors & emojis
Set your difficulty,
track stats & more
Premium Features

Perfect for All Levels

Choose from four difficulty levels
for the perfect challenge

Customize Your Game

Show off your style with bright &
colorful custom backgrounds

Track Your Stats

Check your scores against top
Sudoku players on the leaderboard

Play Emoji-Style

Switch numbers to emojis for a fun
new way to play

Gameplay Notes

Keep track of possible numbers &
strategies with note-taking

Easy Autosave

Pause gameplay with Autosave and
never lose your progress


“I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this app! I don’t like complicated apps and this gives me exactly what I want. Easy to use with great features. Would recommend!”
- Alli W.

“This app is by far the best.... It has the perfect format, tracks your times, tries, fails and records with the smoothest gaming action. If you don’t know Sudoku you absolutely need to try this app!”
- Jeff B.

“I love this app! I work the puzzles every morning to wake up my brain.”
- Nicole H.

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