Powerful scientific calculator with advanced currency & unit conversions.

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Standard and
Scientific Calculator
Unit and Currency
15+ Fun &
Unique Themes
History, Live Calculations
& Apple Watch App
Use Widgets For Quick
Unit Conversions
Premium Features

Currency Converter

Quickly convert over 150 currencies, including Bitcoin, and other emerging crypto.

Unit Converter

Convert metric to imperial, volume, temperature, weight, and hundreds more.

Standard & Scientific Calculator

Intuitive calculator with scientific functions that can crack even the toughest equations.

Calculation History

Calculations are auto-saved to History and can be copied, re-used and shared.

Custom Themes

Personalize the look of the app with over 15 fun & colorful themes.

Home Screen Widgets

Access your favorite currencies & conversions with one tap.


“This app is so good that Apple should use it for their default calculator! Great UI and great features.”
- OCbanker949

“I have found this app to be so helpful. It gave me the latest conversion rates immediately! Even the vendors in the country I visited argued with me until they went online to update their systems...they of course apologized and conceded to my pricing. I don't need anything else...I'm sold!”
- SmoothDQ

"I was looking for clean simplicity in a calculator, and found it here! Often need to travel between 4 or 5 customizable countries, and finding the currencies was very easy. Thanks!”
- lolapopo

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