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“Apple’s stock app is excellent, but this one is way better. I have spent a lot of time trying to find good stock tracking apps, and this one is so much better than anything else I have found. And Customer Service is off the charts! I could go on and on about why etc. etc. but let’s just jump right to...GET IT!!!”
- Kf2012dencol

“I’m down to Apples stock app and this one. Probably my favorite feature here is the “comparison” overlay. I use it this way; I pick my various sector funds and stock symbols, along with the (sector) IDX. This allows me a quick performance comparison. You can compare several symbols at once. Open your chart in horizontal mode and add symbols. Each symbol will be given its own color line. Another feature I appreciate in this app is, of course, Dark Mode.”
- HejDuke

“I love your app and it is not the first one I’ve tried. It is easy to set up holdings and gives me quick charts. My main reason for using the app is the alerts (when below a certain price) and it has worked well for that. Also love the dark theme. When I upgraded to ‘ad free’ the ads instantly went away. Keep it simple and keep up the good work!”
- scordyobscureusername